KATALYST. Networks that WORK.™


From innovation to customer care, our client networks tackle diverse and complex challenges.


Startup AcceleratION

Client need: A Fortune 50 company wants to increase collaboration with startups but doesn't want to build and manage a physical accelerator space. It needs a place to evaluate and work with startups anywhere in the world. 

KATALYST solution: A startup network that our client is using to evaluate and collaborate with innovative companies and to execute each step of its startup evaluation process. Additionally, startups are able to work with one another and to complete critical process steps at any time.




Client need: A global scientific research non-profit wants to increase engagement with its technical partners around the world.


KATALYST solution: A research partner network that allows our client's outreach team to collaborate with each other during program design, with partners during program design and evaluation, and with a global academic and scientific network during implementation.​


M&A Strategy

Client need: CEO's of privately-held US companies want to connect to understand the current M&A markets in preparation to selling their companies in the next 12-24 months.

KATALYST solution: A private CEO-only network that allows CEOs  members to collaborate with each for pre-M&A strategy analysis and development, we well as to connect with M&A advisors, analysts, investors, as well as legal and financial advisors.


fintech INNOVation

Client need: Banking and finance executives in emerging market want to connect  with fintech innovators and innovations to drive strategic investment decisions.

KATALYST solution: A private finance executive network that allows members to collaborate with each and to connect with a U.S. academic finance research center as well as fintech innovators, investors, researchers, regulators and analysts.



Client need: A cutting-edge software startup wants to engage potential and current clients to help them understand their platform and implementation models.

KATALYST solution: A private customer network that allows customers to engage with the company's technical teams directly and to meet once a month for in-depth virtual sessions on software features and deployment strategies.


FILM Production

Client need: A documentary production team needs a way to connect production staff, producers, advisors and funders throughout a year-long production schedule.


KATALYST solution: A virtual work space that allows the director and production crew to stay connected throughout the global effort, from initial project design through post-production and release.​