In today's business environment, innovation is driven by great research put to work to solve real-world problems.


The challenge is how to find and connect with the next-generation of thought leaders to understand, support and implement their work.

Important academic work, however, often has little impact in business because of the structural and economic barriers to academic-business collaboration.

We are out to change that paradigm – dramatically.


Whether you are a business leader who needs to connect to the latest thinking on a complex subject or a young researcher who wants to expose important work to businesses, we are here to make those connections happen through focused 100% virtual networks.


We are where thought leaders and business meet to put ideas to work. Let us connect your company to great thinkers. Let us connect your great research to business leaders who can benefit from, and support, your research agenda – not for a one-time project but for a lifetime.

I founded KATALYST with one clear goal in mind: to connect the most promising academic researchers to the world’s best companies. My “aha” moment was when I was asked by the Chief Information Security Officer at a global brand to help him and his CFO understand the latest thinking around cyber-economics.

By coincidence, the gold standard for that topic was the work of two economists at my own university, and yet none of the CISOs I knew had ever heard of their work. The more I looked at the issue, the more I understood the many structural, economic and cultural barriers that keep great research and great companies apart.

I call this the “academic last mile” problem, and I started KATALYST to make academic to business collaboration easier and more effective.


Our passion is bringing the thought leaders and researchers directly into contact with business leaders who share the same challenges and discovery goals. Our vision is to be the place where researchers and business meet to put great ideas to work. Our mission is to build expert learning networks – for the world’s best thought leaders and for the companies that value and support their work.

If you are a business leader, let us connect your organization to some of best academic thought leaders around in the world. If you are a researcher, let us connect you to companies that need and value your discoveries and insights.

Thanks for stopping by our site. We look forward to working with you.


Carlos Alvarenga

Founder and CEO, KATALYST

Adjunct Professor, Department of Business and Public Policy

Robert H. Smith School of Business, The University of Maryland

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