KATALYST. Networks that WORK.™


Great features make KATALYST the ideal platform to start and run your collaboration network.

We have everything you need to create a high-performing network.

Enhance your experience with a unique set of features not available anywhere else. 

Human Leadership

All network connections designed and hosted by a skilled and experienced collaboration leader.

Proprietary Mobile App


Collaborate 24/7

Connect your network members on our first-of-its-kind member app.

Private Video Channel

Record, share and learn

State-of-the-art video  capture and sharing on your private network channel.

Network Metrics

Measure, assess and improve

Measure network member engagement, asset performance and progress to completion.

Digital Workspaces

Meet virtually

Work with state-of-the art design, collaboration, project and workflow management tools.

Proprietary Methodology

Work effectively

We literally wrote the book on how to work effectively in virtual environments based on years of cross-functional experience.

Secure Archiving

Save insights for future efforts

When your work is complete, close the network and document all outputs, insights and deliverables.