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KATALYST builds private high-performance virtual networks that enable our clients to connect and engage with their most important communities 24/7 on a digital, global, mobile platform.

Our unique model helps you to position your strategy, content and key messages at your members' fingertips. Our extensive industry thought leader and subject matter expert network makes it easy to complement your in-house content with cutting-edge insights about the issues and innovations that matter most to your people.

Through our app and via live, virtual meetings, we help you build and manage high-touch human networks that will be your highest-ROI investment for innovation, research & development, education and external insights.

Our no-travel virtual model means higher productivity with easier access and more direct impact. Let us show you the future of digital engagement and how we can help you leverage your most valuable internal and external networks.

Special message from our CEO about the Virtual Work Learning Network™

​In response to the growing need to virtualize work, KATALYST is launching a network to share insights, techniques and best practices for working and collaborating virtually. Participation is free, and we are making our own internal collaboration app available to all participants at no cost.

This network is open to leaders tasked with virtualizing any of the following:

  • A team, organization or multi-entity working group;

  • A highly technical function (e.g., in engineering, scientific research, academia or medicine)

  • A complex event or series of events (e.g., a conference that was canceled)


We will be organizing weekly learning sessions, featuring technical experts, researchers and network members. These sessions will be recorded and made available to members on a private channel. Sessions will focus primarily on the following topics:

  • Using virtual to produce business outcomes and not just status reporting

  • Short term versus long-term virtualization transformation

  • Best practices for organizing and leading virtual meetings and events

  • Analysis of specific virtual tools and platforms

  • Impacts of virtualization on organizational structures and management

  • Impacts of virtualization on team performance and measurement

  • Techniques for virtualizing complex processes (e.g., patient care, IT deployment, product development, S&OP, etc.)

  • Evolution and adaptation of content for virtual settings

We will also document and share all insights and discoveries with participating members for use by their respective organizations without restriction or cost.


The network will launch on March 25th. If you are interested in participating in this learning network, please reach out to me privately or reach us at connect@katalystnet.com.


Carlos Alvarenga

Founder and CEO, KATALYST

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