KATALYST. Networks that WORK.™


We design, build and manage high-performance, human-centric networks.

We provide you with everything you need to run a great collaboration network – all for one simple monthly fee.

Great People

We can support your team with skilled experts at any stage of your collaboration effort. There's no need to spend time or budget searching for the right support staff.

Great Insights

Don't waste time looking for needles in a stack of needles. With just one call to KATALYST, we will connect subject-matter experts to your network any time they are needed. 

Great Tech

We provide your network with all the technical tools needed to work effectively, including video conferencing, a dedicated mobile app, and sophisticated workflow tracking.

Our proprietary networked collaboration methodology delivers  benefits our clients can see, feel and measure.











We enable our client networks tackle a diverse set of complex business, technical and social challenges.

CEOs and senior executives know the value of peer-to-peer collaboration, but these networks are typically available only to the most senior business leaders and at great cost. Most teams are left to collaborate via self-service, tech-only platforms that have generic functionality and no human design, leadership or insights.

I founded KATALYST to combine everything our client needs to design, build and run a high-performance human network. From thoughtful network design, to expert human support, to state-of-the-art tech – we're the one-stop-shop for great collaboration.


Unlike self-service technology-only solutions, our networks are led and managed by a dedicated team who help each network meet its goals. Moreover, our networks are accessible from anywhere at any time and can be run for a fraction of the cost of a typical consulting or in-house project.

Whether your group is made up of employees, customers, suppliers, partners, students or scientists, my team and I are ready to take your network's performance to a higher level.

Thanks for stopping by our site. We look forward to working with you.


Carlos Alvarenga

Founder and CEO


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KATALYST is the only partner you need to create great networks for your customers, employees, students, suppliers or technical collaborators.


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